'Video Game of Thrones' and 'Westworld' won't appear at Hillcrest Comic Con to Advertise Season 8

HBO has announced that’Video Game of Thrones’ won’t appear at this Calendar Year’s Hillcrest Comiccon.   (HBO)

Poor information for ldquo;Sport of Thrones” fans that were hoping to get a teaser regarding the eighth and final year of the series summer time.

The system released a statement on multiple press outlets explaining that the two shows would not appear as a result of scheduling conflicts.

“Thanks to production schedules and atmosphere dates & ‘sport of Thrones’ & &; lsquo;Westworld& ’ those show will not be presented at sandiego comiccon this summertime season,” read a statement by the organization. “HBO includes a longstanding relationship with SDCC, and we have been very grateful for its lovers ’ passionate response through recent many decades. We look forward to arriving later on. ”

Westworld promo HBO

HBO  (‘Westworld’ will not have a panel in this year’s San Diego comiccon.)

The show is anticipated to roll up its second year in June, per month before to sandiego comiccon. That usually means that the cast and creators would only really be able to discuss the previously-aired episodes and will likely have nothing new to gift to the audience.

The fantasy drama was a staple at the substantial corridor H putting to a lot of the years who it’s been on the atmosphere. But together with time of year 8 currently in generation and also the solid and crew compelled to be incredibly tightlipped with regards to spoilers, it’therefore potential that there was no solution to create the big event happen at any cast or teaser substance. Still, that leaves a matter as to if and how HBO plans to market the last year of the substantial hit.

It’s at this time , if at all, HBO plans to produce “Thrones” a comiccon presence before it debuts in 2019. It’therefore potential it won’t serve as a promotion but may alternatively execute a retrospective following the show airs next year. But, that could be very similar to the situation HBO is currently avoiding with “ even Westworld. ”