Volunteer charged with Sneaking out of Missouri museum

A former volunteer at a small Missouri museum has been charged with stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of Civil War and World War I artifacts.

There was A warrant issued for the arrest of 38-year-old Terry Cockrell, a 2010 Sedalia applicant who volunteered for eight years at the Pettis County Museum before moving autumn to Coffeyville, Kansas. He has charged with two felony counts of stealing £ 750 or longer. No attorney is recorded court records for him.

Police say a few of the things for example a sword, firearms and also a surgical kit, were monitored to some Tennessee collector, who acquired them last summer. Museum co-curator Charles sensible says display cases were rearranged to conceal The Sedalia Democrat studies.

Sedalia police Det. Jill Green explained in the likely cause statement that Cockrell liberally told that the collector he acquired the items being a present from the neighbor who gave them exchange for a favor. Green said some form he had obtained it and signed up that stated he had been the possessor of the sword tyed to this thieving Cockrell.

Green mentioned Cockrell claimed someone who expired twenty years confessed to eliminating them had awarded him the artifacts. The collector is still helping to come back just as a lot of the products afterwards re-selling some of the antiques. A revolver plus a global War I period flare pistol were reported stolen but ended upn’t sold to this collector.

Even the Pettis County Historical Society, which works the memorial, is now considering measures to prevent potential thefts. Wise reported that the memorial did check its stock before and totally trusted its volunteers.


Advice from: The Sedalia Democrat, http://www.sedaliademocrat.com