Washington Post: North Korean citizens flee Kim through four countries

The Washington Post reported on the flight of many ordinary North Koreans to flee their country under the brutal rule of its leader Kim Jong-un.

The citizens made a difficult journey through China, Vietnam and Laos, amid fears that police may arrest them and send them back from where they came to, they said, for a brutal and confirmed punishment in North Korea.

Kim is directing increasing threats to the outside world, flying his missiles over Japan and threatening to strike the United States. For the people of North Korea, his threats are a very real part of everyday life.

The North Koreans are risking their lives and making that invisible journey to escape Kim’s clutches to safety. Thailand’s authorities do not return them to their country. Instead, she may accuse them of violating immigration and tell the South Korean embassy in Bangkok, which begins their transfer to Seoul, not far from where they began their journey. And there they start a new life.