Washington: We will focus on delivering humanitarian aid to Burma’s Rakhine province

The United States’ focus on the crisis in Rakhine State, west of Burma (Myanmar), is focused on delivering humanitarian assistance to people in need in cooperation between the international community and the Burmese authorities, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Southeast Asian Affairs Patrick Murphy said.

“We condemn the attacks, regardless of their nature, against the security forces or against civilians,” he said. “We are very concerned about violations that have resulted in the displacement of many people.”

He pointed out that the movement of displacement from Rakhine state affected many minorities living in the region, not just members of the Rohingya Muslim minority.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Vivian Tan, said some 270,000 refugees, mostly Rohingyas, had fled the violence in Rakhine state and had entered Bangladesh since August 25.