Whiskey bottles Insure Inter-state after Massive Shovel crash

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PULASKI COUNTY (KFSM) — A fiery crash between two 18 wheeler trucks shut down an Inter State central Arkansas, leaving the roadway coated in fire ball Whisky Thursday (June 14) morning.

The wreck happen on Interstate 40 west between Galloway and also Kerr at Pulaski County, the Arkansas Office of Transportation Stories.

An image of this wreck which reveals bottles of fire ball Whisky scattered along the street has been tweeted out by the office of  Transportation.

Injuries from the crash were maybe not benign, according to the Arkansas State Police.

Drivers onto the street seized Images of this fiery crash.

It’s not the first wreck that’s left an Arkansas roadway coated in food or drinks. Previous August (2017) 3 distinct crashes left spaghetti sauce, bourbon, also frozen noodles strewn in regards to the street.