Woman surrounded by coyotes climbs tree

SAUGUS (CBS) – A woman walking her dog at Breakheart Reservation in Saugus all of a sudden finds herself surrounded by four coyotes, so she climbs up a tree for protection and calls 911.

“I have one dog she’s a lab. She’s on the ground right in front of the tree and there are coyotes there,” she said on the 911 call.

Saugus Fire Department responded. “I thought she did a very good job. She seemed composed and gave us the information we needed to give us the location,” Deputy Chief Thomas D’Eon said.

dog3 Woman Surrounded By Coyotes Climbs Tree, Calls 911

A woman took a picture of her dog from a tree she climbed up to escape coyotes (WBZ-TV)

Conservation officials say it’s very unusual for a pack of coyotes to be out that late in the morning and surrounding a woman and her dog. “We don’t recall ever having to respond to rescue someone from wild animals,” D’Eon said. “This is new.”

Eventually the coyotes ran away and the woman and her dog were able to walk out unharmed but definitely shaken.

Breakheart Reservation is a very popular walking area for residents. Rose Corbet walks her dog Stubs every day and has seen a coyote in her own backyard but was surprised about this incident. “I have cameras in my back yard and we’ve seen them in the backyard too. It’s very strange I’ve never seen a coyote up here all the years I’ve been waling my dog,” Rose said.

Conservation officials say people should keep a safe distance from all wildlife.