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The head of the Suez Canal Authority, and the head of Suez Canal Authority, Mr. Obeida Rabea, Vice President of the Suez Canal Authority, received a delegation of leaders and employees of the General Economic Authority of the Canal region, headed by Major General Abdul Qadir Darwish, For the Northern Region, Ismailia Maritime Training and Simulation Center.

A number of the Authority’s leaders attended the meeting, including Engineer Saad Askar, Director of Planning and Research, Captain Mohammed Fawzi, Head of Navigation Control, Major General Ihab Banan, Team Advisor to the Land, General Samah Kandil, Group Security Advisor, and Major General Khalid Al Azzazi, Team Advisor for Relations.

The aim of the visit is to familiarize the employees of the Economic Commission with the work system of the Suez Canal Authority and the development projects carried out by the Authority, in addition to the major projects implemented by the General Authority for Suez Canal and the achievements of the project on the ground. More effort and create a state of compassion among the workers and move from the planning stage to the implementation stage.

The Group welcomed the employees of the Economic Commission, and thanked Dr. Ahmed Darwish, the former Chairman of the Authority, for his efforts in the stage he spent at the head of the Economic Commission, wishing him success.

He stressed that the project of economic development of the Suez Canal area is the hope of Egypt in the coming period, stressing the need to achieve integration between the Suez Canal Authority and the Economic Authority, especially after the implementation and opening of the new Suez Canal, which will allow the projects and industries in the region to benefit from the volume of transit trade channel, He pointed out the need to achieve similar integration at the level of the administrative bodies of the two bodies, and to work on the integration of the efforts of workers and work as a family.
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