young man infiltrates an airport security in Britain and travels with his girlfriend’s passport

The newspaper “The Independent” that a man traveled from London to Germany aboard the airline, “EasyJet” British using the passport of his girlfriend, which appears in the form of “the passport” with long yellow hair, unlike Michael Randall short hair.

Michael Randall, a technician working for McLaren Formula 1, passed security checks at Gatwick airport unhindered and later showed the travel document to the crew when he was on the plane to Berlin, the newspaper said.

He accidentally took his girlfriend’s passport when he left his home in Stennis, Middlesex in the early hours of the morning.

But authorities in Berlin eventually learned that he used Charlotte’s passport and questioned his girlfriend for 90 minutes before being finally allowed to enter the city on a one-day visa.

“It is terrible to travel to this extent without being detected with a wrong passport,” said Randall, 23, who must verify the name written on the passport and whether it matches the name on the boarding pass, but it is clear that it did not do so. that.”

“It’s very worrying. I do not look like Charlotte.”