Zidane’s next goal for Paris Saint-Germain

Italy coach Giampiero Ventura has admitted that the absence of defender Giorgio Kelini, before the Spanish side at Santiago Bernabeu, will not change his plans, saying that winning at La Roja will be an important step in his team’s development.

“It is a good news that Lopegeti expects a different game from that in Turin. I’m waiting for a team with great players and great individual skills. I do not know if Ascencio will play or another player, but Spain will play in the Bernabeu with an attacking mentality. Win order “.

“The problem really is not what I expect from Spain but from Italy. We have to go first and then look at the qualifying accounts. Winning at a stadium like Bernabeu will be an important step in our development.”

Ventura did not say whether he would make changes to his plan, but explained that Giorgio’s injury would not change the decisions we have already made, and that the only thing that will change is that they will lose an important player.

“I do not think we have a player who can only win the game. We have a number of players who can win together,” he said.

Spain lead the Group G in the World Cup qualifiers by 16 points, the same as Italy but with the difference of goals for the first.